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Fire Stations

Station 1

This station replaced the original Elk Creek Fire Station which was located near the intersection of Kings Valley and Hwy 285 in 1962 when it was built. The original structure was destroyed in a fire in 2005. The station has had many additions and remodels over the years. In 1993 the administration side was added which added office space, new bathrooms and a training room to the facility. In 1998, another structure was added to property to house the fleet maintenance division and house the larger apparatus. The building is referred to as "The Barn." This is the only fully staffed station with 24/7 coverage of the district and sits on 2.5 acres.

The Barn has 5 bays which include the fleet maintenance area as well as storage for EMS supplies and fire equipment. The building houses the extractor for cleaning bunker gear as well as the quartermasters area. There is also an office in the budling for the fleet manager and mechanics.

Elk Creek Fire Station One

The main building houses the smaller apparatus and all the administrative offices. Upstairs in the crew quarters which was remodeled in 2014. It has the gym as well as the SCBA compressor.


Engine 431
Tender 461
Medic 481

Brush 451
Medic 485
Rescue 480

Chief 401
Captain 403
Utility 495

Utility 496
Utility 497
Service 489

Station 2

The Wildland Work Center was completed on July 1, 1979 under the direction of Chief Fosler. The 2 bay station sits on 2 .8 acres on the edge of Jefferson and Park Counties in the Pine Junction area. The station was a volunteer station until 2017 when Elk Creek expanded it’s wildland fire division. The station currently is home to the Elk Creek Wildland Fire Suppression Module, the Inter Canyon/ Elk Creek Fuel Management Crew as well as volunteer firefighters.

During the peak of summer, 15 wildland firefighters work out of the station doing project work and fire response for Elk Creek, Inter Canyon and North Fork Fire Protection Districts. The station has several offices, a bathroom and all the work areas for the crews. This includes the Chain Saw Shop, the Fuel Sampling Program and the Chipping Program. This station is slated for remodel in the next few years.


Engine 432
Tender 462
Module 459

Module 459A
Module 459B
The Chip Truck

Chipper 1
Chipper 2

Station Two Plaque

Station Two Tour

Station Two Tour

Station Two Tour

Station Two Tour

Station 3

The "Top of The World" station sits at a little over 10,000 above sea level and is the highest point in the district. Built in 1982, Station 3 has 4 bays and is a key site for communications for Jefferson County first responders. The radio tower was replaced in 2015 and now supports multiple jurisdictions with critical communications.

The station has an office, a full bathroom and a communications room. This station is where the wildland crew will store some equipment during the winter months.

Engine 433
Tender 463


Station 4

The "Fighting Fours" has been protecting Aspen Park since it was built in 1985. The 4 bay station is a volunteer station with a 12 thousand gallon cistern. It has a bathroom and small office.

Engine 434
Tender 464
Ambulance 484
Engine 435