Meeting Notice: the regular Board of Directors Meeting has been rescheduled for July 31, 2024 at 6:00 p.m.




John Mandl

Photo of John Mandl

John is the Inter-Canyon Wildland Captain and has 20+ years with the department.

Jayson Papenfus

Photo of Jayson Papenfus

Jayson is the Module and Fuels Officer. He has extensive wildland fire suppression and mitigation experience.

Benjamin Yellin

Photo of Benjamin Yellin

Benjamin is the Wildland Captain at Elk Creek. He has experience on Federal crews and was a member of the Community Planning Assistance for Wildfire (CPAW) team.


William Gage

Photo of William Gage

Billy is the Suppression Module Foreman. He has significant wildfire suppression experience with multiple federal and state agencies.

Ben Moses

Photo of Ben Moses

Ben is the Elk Creek/Inter-Canyon Fuels Crew lead. He has previous suppression and fuels experience with the Forest Service in Prescott, AZ.

Kelleigh McConnaughey

Photo of Kelleigh McConnaughey

Kelleigh is the Elk Creek/Inter-Canyon Wildfire Mitigation Specialist (WMS). She has a background in natural resource management with wildfire mitigation and suppression experience.